Ornament Program at the Academy of Classical Design

Ornament Program at the Academy of Classical Design
by: icaa-socal on: Tue, 04/10/2018 - 2:27pm

The Ornament Program is a one week introduction to the history, language and design concepts of ornament and its role in architectural decoration. Developed for both the enrichment and to visually express the symbolic purpose of buildings, the use of ornament evolved into the great unifying element binding the arts of painting and sculpture with architecture. Traditional forms and patterns from antiquity, created from geometric and natural motifs have been adapted and applied to virtually every period of art history and are essential to the renewed interest in classical design.

This one week course will include a series of lectures from distinguished visiting scholars and will culminate with each participant learning to construct and render an ornamental design from the academy’s library of historic models. Individual projects will be assigned based on personal goals. The Ornament Program is open to all students, artisans and professionals interested in the theory and practice of ornamental design.

‘If I could have my way in the training of young artists, I should insist upon their spending a good deal of time in the study and designing of pure ornament; that they might learn how independent fine design is of its content and how slight may be the connection between art and nature.’ / American muralist Kenyon Cox from The Classic Point of View

Please visit http://www.academyofclassicaldesign.org/OrnamentProgram/index.html

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