Welcome to the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, Southern California Chapter (ICAA SoCal). We are an educational organization whose primary purpose is to inspire and grow the appreciation and practice of classical and traditional architecture and art. Originally derived from the principles and forms of Greek and Roman architecture of Classical Antiquity, classical architecture draws upon a common vocabulary of forms, which since the Sixteenth Century to the present day continues to evolve. The ICAA ensures that these principles and ideas, developed over thousands of years, remain thriving today.

We celebrate this rich tradition as well as the unique vernacular architecture embodied in so many styles of Southern California. By nature, classical architecture and art encompass an array of skills, traditions, and professions. This broad range of knowledge and expertise is demonstrated by the ICAA’s diverse membership base. While our core educational mission remains constant, our diverse programs reflect our vibrant and growing membership.




Follow us on Instagram to engage with our diverse community of talented and dedicated members, showcasing timeless design from the past and present. As a way to keep us all connected, join us in our Sketch Together at Home event on Instagram.  Here’s how it works: Simply go to ICAA SoCal’s Instagram page to find the two images we will be sketching. (Make sure you’re following us.)  Using any medium you like, sketch one or both images. Include the kids. Snap a photo of your illustration and post it to your Instagram page with your location, a little something about yourself and the following tags by Monday: @icaa_socal   #sketchtogetherathome

We’ll be searching for those tags. Who knows, maybe your illustration will be selected and featured on our Instagram page.